Monday, September 27, 2010

Reading Response Question 1

Reading Response Question #1:

Chapters 1- 3

In what ways is Diego's life as a teenager different from your life as a teenager? What factors do you think are responsible for causing these drastic differences? 

Welcome F7I

Welcome F7I !

This is the Reading Response BLOG for the novel "I am a Taxi" by Deborah Ellis.  Response questions will be posted to the blog weekly.  You need to post your response to the comment by the end of each week.  Level 4 activity on the blog will require you to comment on other students' blog posts and begin engaging online conversations about the novel.  Your responses should be thoughtful and include a variety of appropriate connections (text: text, text: self, text: world) and inferences.     

IMPORTANT: When commenting on a post you must comment as an "anonymous" user, BUT don't forget to put your first name at the end of your comment (no last names!!!).  If you forget to put your name in your comment you cannot get credit for the comment (that would be bad).

If you have any questions about the blog feel free to leave me a comment on this post. 

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