Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where I Live

This is my home, ever since we wear caught for "smuggling coca paste"(whitch is definitly not true). Living here is like living in years of pain. But living here for a whole 4 years and 13 years to go you sort of have to get used to your life in prison. There are alot of people and markets in this prison, some call a home, so it's hard to get around sometimes. But with out San Sabastion Womens Prison we would be on the streets, so at least we have a shelter. I really do miss my old house but that's life in Balivia you have to always be aware of your suroundings. After only like ...........your whole life you get used to it.

The Prison

This is an image of the San Sebastian Womans prison where I lived until I left with the "Narcos" and Mando to make some money after my "incedent" with Korrina. On the bottom floor, you can see little stalls , likely to be woman selling chupe or clothing. Although it's sunny, the prison is a very dreary place; the women are always either crying, grumpy, or crazy like the woman who always tries to grab Korrina. I thought I would be better off anywhere than the prison, and it wasn't until I left the prison that I realised I should have stayed. The reason I'm here though, is unfair, someone actually sumuggling drugs forgot their cocaine under our seat on the bus, and we got framed. Then again, not much about a third world country is fair. So, there you have it; my home.

Coca farm

This is a picture of a coca farm that I found. This picture is relevant in my lif e because this is like th farm where my family and I lived before we were framed. In this picture, a family is picking coca leaves from leaf patches. they will spread out the leaves, and then put them in bundles as I once did with my parents. The family will sell these, and the buyers will most likly make tea out of them. I still wish I could do that on my own coca farm, but I am in this god forsaken jail, and can't get out for another 13 years.


Chupe! (:

This is a picture of my favourite food I used to eat in the village of Bolivia. I rarely eat this anymore because I am out in the jungle with my friend Mondo and the two men who hired me Rock and Paulo. They don't feed us much or give us much water. I sure do miss the smeel of the fresh vegetables, the juicy meat and the dry grains used to make the dish. I only hope that when I'm back with momma there will be a hot bol waiting for me with my name on it!
-Nina Bieber :) :P

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reading Response #2

Reading Response #2

Locate a photograph that represents something relevant in Diego's life.  Save the photograph on your computer in a .jpg or .gif format.  Attach the saved photograph to your blog post by clicking on "insert image" (the picture frame button) and choosing the saved photo from your computer.  Once you've inserted your photo you need to give it an appropriate title.  

Underneath the photo and the title you must include a comment, written by Diego, that explains the photograph from his point of view.  

To find photographs use flickr and google images.  If you find a photo in a paper source that you would like to use, bring it to class to have it scanned as an image you can upload into blogger. 

Any questions? Just ask!

relevant: adjective. closely connected or related to the matter at hand.